Flxpoint and Jetti - Enterprise Drop Shipping Solutions Compared.



Oct 13th, 2021

The dropshipping ecospace is an area undergoing phenomenal growth at the moment, powered partly by innovation and advancements in technology but also partly through sheer necessity, due to the pandemic.

As a result of these factors, the current online arena is full of different offerings and solutions, each with their own particular strengths. One such offering which has emerged recently is Flxpoint, a high-powered upgrade to Inventory Source and managed by the same team.

Flxpoint is a powerful program and is a clear disruptor in the established dropshipping space, however, we still firmly believe that Jetti comes out on top due to a few reasons which we will elaborate on below.


The ability to integrate your current tools and software with another is now a core requirement for any software company - particularly those involved in the ecommerce business. It's important to understand that both vendors and customers alike may have a preference for one solution over another - one vendor may use Stripe, the other Paypal.

In order to keep your store as competitive as possible, it's vital that you integrate with as many 3rd party tools as possible. From payments to shipping, storefronts to data collection, these integrations will reduce friction and downtime for your users, making the overall interface with your offering smoother and faster.

Flxpoint offers a good choice of a number of different integrations, far more than many of its peers. With over 30, they are spread across areas such as shipping, payments and accounting. However, when compared to Jetti, Flxpoint comes up 2nd best.

Jetti offers 47 direct integrations as well as having the ability to be configured to be integrated with custom setups. Having multiple integrations in areas such as automation, dropshipping, payments, accounting, store and shipping - Jetti offers a wide spectrum of support platforms, designed to make onboarding and expansion easy and without issue.

Aside from dropshipping, Jetti also offers the chance to manage a fully fledged multi-vendor marketplace too. Check out further details here.


A solid feature set is essentially to run a viable dropshipping enterprise. Flxpoint offers a variety of features for an enterprise level dropship solution. These include Cross Supplier SKU Mapping, Intelligent Order Routing as well as order routing and inventory management.

Much like it’s associated product, you can also choose from preselected suppliers. All of these are great features and will be very useful to some elements of the market, however, it is matched by Jetti which also boasts further features:

Our powerful inventory management features allow you to always keep an update to date sync of products on your store and those of vendors, allowing to ensure that there are never discrepancies between your vendors catalogue and that of your marketplace.

By opting to use our intelligence order routing system, you can relay orders back to your vendors with ease, allowing you to ensure a strong overview of which orders have been placed, which are yet to be fulfilled and which have been processed by your vendors.

Payments are a vital aspect of any ecommerce business and with Jetti, you can effortlessly manage and gain oversight of all vendor payments - see what is owed to who and configure custom commission rates with your vendors, ensuring that both of you are always on the same page when it comes to margins.

Shipping is vital to running an ecommerce business - thanks to Jetti, you can automate much of your shopping workflows, from which carriers you wish to use, to providing your vendors with shipping labels and providing accurate tracking information.

If those features aren’t enough, we also offer the ability to go Headless. What do I mean? Read further below to find out.

Get Ahead With Headless

Here at Jetti, we firmly believe that the future of online commerce is centered around the concept of Headless Architecture. By offering pre-composed infrastructure components to customers, monolithic offerings can be avoided, testing made easier and ultimately, time to market drastically reduced. All of which can be achieved, without having to compromise or scale back on ambitions.

Jetti is one of the few solutions out there that offers headless capabilities. What do I mean Headless I hear you ask?

Headless architecture is an approach to software development that seeks to reject more rigid notions of commerce and one that works to provide tangible and customizable results to its users. It works on the principle of decoupling the frontend from the backend - allowing for greater flexibility and to create a stack which is designed to tackle the particular issues that face your business.

Headless allows you to focus on solving problems unique to your business instead of giving a generic solution which fails to address your individual needs. Jetti offers a powerful Headless solution that is based upon the principles of MACH - Microservices, API-First, Cloud-Native and Headless.

This approach empowers our clients to select only best-of-breed solutions to solve the issues that they individually face and to push forward towards their own organizational aspirations and goals. To find out more about our Headless offering, please visit this page and see how it can help your company.


Flxpoint is a great tool and has the capability to serve far and above the needs of many companies who seek an out-of-the-box solution. However, for those seeking more, to truly control how each step of their dropshipping journey, then Jetti would be the more suitable option.

Jetti offers a truly enterprise-level solution, one that provides true performance as well as the ability to customise and scale as they see fit.

Multiple Vendors, One Solution - Jetti

Jetti is the definitive solution for creating a thriving dropshipping business. An all-in-one solution that provides full automation for operations such as inventory management, order routing, payments and shipping. From those who want a more straightforward out-of-the-box functionality to those who seek to carve their own bespoke commerce path, Jetti can do it all.

It’s time to give your dropship business the performance it deserves, why not try out our free 14-day trial and explore the possibilities of Jetti for yourself today?