Design Milk

How Design Milk has grown their sales from 4000$/Month to $4000/Day with the help of Jetti

Design Milk

Before Jetti, it used to be a very manual process. Every order needed something attached or needed updating. I needed to make sure the brand received it and saw it. Now that’s not a thing.


Operations and Systems Manager

The client

Design Milk is both an online magazine and ecommerce shop using a network of designers and brands to offer what’s new in art, architecture, interior design, furniture and decor, fashion, and technology. With a complex business model, hundreds of brands and thousands of SKUs go through Design Milk’s system, each of which has their own unique setup.

The challenge

When Kelley was promoted to a Systems Manager, a part of her job became to investigate the efficiency of Design Milk’s current system. The main challenge was that the system did not allow for direct integrations with their designers’ stores, and did not offer inventory tracking. The lack of automation would result in hours of manual work, as each order had to be updated separately, and the use of additional applications to help support the process. Kelley identified that the hours spent doing this was a key blocker for the growth plans the business had. Therefore her priority became looking into other systems that offered more automation, and were more intuitive and user friendly.

The solution

Kelley knew that she was going to need a system that could automate the order routing process for them. The solution? Jetti. Kelley was able to integrate Jetti with all of the platforms used by their designers - Shopify, WooCommerce, SquareSpace, etc., and upload their products to Design Milk’s site seamlessly. She was then able to monitor the flow of the orders directly from the store. Each inventory feed would stay up to date with the vendors’ sites, as the stock levels, prices, and other product changes would automatically sync up with Design Milk’s store. Furthermore, any orders raised from Design Milk’s site could automatically be viewed and fulfilled by the vendors from their own platforms, removing Kelley’s job as the middleman.

The result

When asked Kelley on how the switch to Jetti impacted Design Milk, she described it as follows: “For me to maintain the work I do now and maintain the previous system we used, I would have needed to hire a full-time person to come in and do the order management. That’s saying a lot, because the amount of orders that were going through the system were about 4000$ per month and if you look at our sales now, we are at 4000$ a day.” “We use Jetti in literally everything, it is the backbone of our business right now. If anything happened to Jetti, our whole business would be gone”.