Automate your dropship program

Meet your retailer’s dropship needs without complex systems and processes. Automate orders, inventory, payments and shipping across all dropship retailers into a single system.

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How it works

Jetti is an easy way to scale your business. Provide a seamless way for dropship retailers to sell your products, whilst still continuing to sell items through your existing store. Merge your systems into a single, easy to use piece of kit that does everything for you.

And we mean everything...

Your dropship retailers

Connect their store to Jetti. Can publish items straight to their store.

Pays $199/month to access Jetti

You (dropship vendor)

Orders from all your resellers are synced into your online store or inventory system.

You earn 20% commision per referral

What Jetti can do for you

Jetti is simple to set up, easy to use and fully automates your order, inventory and payment operations.

Automated inventory feeds

Do you manufacture your own on-demand items, or a line of products to be drop shipped via multiple stores and marketplaces? You may find it tricky combining and automating everything into a single system.

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Integrate with your current system & processes

Worried about changing processes or systems? When connecting Jetti as a reseller, you don't need to change a thing.

Connect directly to your current Ecommerce of inventory management system. Sync retailer orders directly and provide your retailers with real time inventory and pricing updates.

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Set tiers and manage product access

Easily manage access to your product catalog. Simply select which items can be drop shipped for each dropship retailer, then set custom pricing or commissions.

Once you have selected the products you want to be made available, retailers can start publishing with just a few clicks. Any pricing or inventory updates are automatically synced through to avoid overselling.

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Sync retailer dropship orders

Orders placed on the retailer stores that dropship your products are synced back to your store. You can ship like any other order. On the retailer side, we can automatically import orders from Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and BigCommerce. We can also open up an API to import from other custom channels if needed.

These retailer dropship orders can be synced to a number of systems, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and BigCommerce. Or, directly within your inventory management or shipping platform.

To get started, dropship retailers simply install Jetti, publish or connect your products and orders will start to sync automatically.

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Trusted by dropship retailers across the world

Jetti fully automates dropship retailer orders, payments, inventory and shipping for 100s of innovative and creative marketplaces.

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