Setup time

10 minutes

Our TaxJar integration is the easiest way to get accurate sales tax calculations on your dropship purchase orders.

As dropship purchase orders are raised, Jetti can use the TaxJar Sales Tax API to automatically determine the taxes due based upon the location of the customer and the dropship provider. Taxes due will then appear on the payment report within Jetti.

  1. Signup for an account on TaxJar. Select the package suitable for your order volumes.
  2. Get your Live Token in TaxJar from Account > SmartCalcs API.
  3. Add the Live Token to the TaxJar setup page in Jetti (Setup > TaxJar).

That's it! As your purchase orders are imported, the tax will then be applied. Jetti will only apply the tax to the cost price / wholesale price of the item, not the full amount paid by the customer at checkout.

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