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Clients that migrated to Onport from an internal build, have spent on average $100,000 in Salaries developing an MVP solution that didn’t sufficiently meet business needs - with Onport your developers can focus on value-added business logic, building on top of our platform.


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Your Vendor’s product catalogue will be automatically imported into Onport and stock levels will be kept in sync with your Marketplace

Automated inventory sync


Once an order has been placed, Onport will route the order back to the appropriate vendor in real-time, ensuring a seamless flow of data between both parties.

Vendor order sync


Bundled USPS account and USPS Shipping labels ready to be printed for you and your vendors. Up to 67% discount from standard USPS rates.

Discounted shipping rates w/ USPS


Our unique vendor portal is a great way to ensure that you and your vendors get exactly what you need from your dropshipping business.

Vendor portal

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The Advanced subscription includes all the benefits you'll find in the Standard plan

Everything in standard


Fully automate your vendor payments with Stripe, PayPal + more. Automate commission rates, landed costs, shipping charges and refunds (payment fees may apply).

Automated vendor payments


Allocate inventory to stock orders and synchronize in real time, across multiple sales channels and manage multiple stock locations. Manage backorders and replenishment purchase orders.

Advanced Warehouse Automation


Create shipping labels for you or your vendors using your preferred carriers by connecting to a Shipping Software (shippo, shipstation, shippypro, postmen)

Shipping Labels

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The Plus subscription includes all the benefits you'll find in the Advanced plan

Everything in advanced


Whether you have 1 or 1,000 dropship vendors, you can set the correct shipping rules for each one. Rates will be merged at checkout, based on what you customer orders.

Advanced vendor shipping rules


Create a custom logo and URL for your dropship portal. Removes all Onport branding.

White labelling


Access Onport's APIs to create custom workflows tailored to your business needs.

API Access

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Looking for higher order/SKU count and Enterprise grade feature set?

Discover our Enterprise offering

Enterprise grade cloud & support

Headless Rest API Architecture

Dedicated developer support

Staging environments

Prices shown are net, i.e. exclusive of any applicable sales tax or VAT


Onport came in and replaced a large and cumbersome homegrown system that previously had managed our drop-ship business. We found the Onport team to be great partners. They were responsive and flexible. They worked through every issue with us, and the end result was a product that was able to support hundreds of merchants and tens of thousands of products. I would highly recommend working with this team.



I believe the Onport product is a great tool for marketplaces and really helps automate a lot of the processes that would typically be very time-consuming. I have been impressed with the efficacy of integrating product vendors and the speed at which this is done

Expert help when you need it

Our teams are here to support you. Businesses can choose to get dedicated support management, prioritized responses, and other professional services.



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Dedicated Success Manager

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Pricing FAQs

Find out how our customers use Onport to help increase their sales and grow their retail businesses.

Is there a limit to the number of vendors I can have on Onport?

No, Onport does not charge and do not have limits for number of vendors. We keep track of the number or SKUs.

My marketplace processes a large sales volume (GMV), but does not have a lot of SKUs imported to our marketplace. Are you able to make an exception for pricing on this?

We would recommend that you reach out to a member of our Sales team for potential arrangements.

Do you need to have an active Onport subscription in order to begin onboarding?

Yes, in order to begin onboarding, you either need to be on an active subscription, or on your trial period. Not going to be launching for a couple of months, but still want to begin onboarding? Speak with a member of our Sales team to discuss special onboarding and staging plans!

Are your sales limits (GMV) including all orders from our store? Or just our dropship orders?

Onport looks only at your dropship orders.

We love Onport, but we just launched our marketplace recently, and cannot afford the full subscription cost. Are you able to provide a discount to give our marketplace a runway to scale?

If you are able to provide evidence of low sales numbers, our Sales team might be able to provide you with assistance. Please get in touch!

How will Onport be measuring my GMV?

To calculate your GMV, Onport will only consolidate your marketplace dropship sales volume processed via our infrastructure. This volume will be calculated using the transaction local currencies and converted to USD at the market exchange rates to date.

How frequently is the inventory information from my vendors updated in Onport?

Our plans include a daily update to all your inventory information. If your business model requires more frequent updates please contact our Sales team for extra information.

Are your sales limits (GMV) including all orders from our store? Or just our dropship orders?

Onport looks only at your dropship orders.

Is onboarding and customer support available for us?

Yes! Our Standard Onboarding & Customer Support is available for all Onport subscribers! Additionally, we offer Professional, Premium and Enterprise support options for clients with higher assistance needs. Please contact our Sales team for more information.

My marketplace has a high number of SKUs but does not process a large sales volume (GMV). Are you able to make an exception on pricing for us?

You can purchase additional SKUs to be added to your limits. Please reach out to our Sales team to discover our SKUs offering.

How do the Onport pricing tiers work?

Each Onport Plan contains three different Tiers that are sorted by two factors: Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) from Dropship Orders processed by Onport per month, and Number of SKUs imported into Onport.GMV, is the total amount of sales a marketplace makes over a specified period of time.

If either limit of GMV or SKU/Variants connected are reached, a member of the Onport Customer Success team will contact you in regards to your subscription.

Onport will never automatically raise your pricing plan based on limits being raised, but if limits are constantly being reached or crossed, we will recommend that you move up a pricing tier.

Do my inventory feeds have limits?

Individual inventory feeds will be limited to a maximum of 20k items per feed. This limit can potentially be lifted, if you have any feeds above this level, by raising with our support team. We review the total SKUs and source of the feed, to ensure there is no degradation to your account from importing these large feeds.

Navigate your business with Onport, a multi-vendor marketplace solution to scale your operations.

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