Frequently Asked Questions

Find out how our customers use Jetti to help increase their sales and grow their retail businesses

How do the Jetti pricing tiers work?

  • Each Jetti Plan of plans contains three different Tiers that are sorted by two factors: Number of Orders processed by Jetti per month, and Number of SKUs connected to your Marketplace from Jetti.
  • If either limit of Orders Processed or SKU/Variants connected are reached, a member of the Jetti Customer Success team will contact you in regards to your subscription.
  • Jetti will never automatically raise your pricing plan based on limits being raised, but if limits are constantly being reached or crossed, we will recommend that you move up a pricing tier.

Is there a limit to the number of vendors I can have on Jetti?

  • No, there are no limits to the number of vendors. We keep track of the number or SKUs

Are your order limits including all orders from our store? Or just our dropship orders?

  • Jetti looks at your combined in house and dropship orders. We do this because in order to properly route dropship orders to your vendors, Jetti needs to view and process all of your orders from your marketplace.
  • Should you feel that this model does not best fit your business, our sales team can potentially look to make arrangements. Please get in touch.

Do I have to pay to have more vendors on my marketplace?

No, Jetti does not, and will never charge you for the number of vendors on your marketplace.

Do you need to have an active Jetti subscription in order to begin onboarding?

  • Yes, in order to begin onboarding, you either need to be on an active subscription, or on your trial period.
  • Not going to be launching for a couple of months, but still want to begin onboarding? Speak with a member of our Sales team to discuss special onboarding and staging plans!

We love Jetti, but we just launched our marketplace recently, and cannot afford the full subscription cost. Are you able to provide a discount to give our marketplace a runway to scale?

If you are able to provide evidence of low sales numbers, our Sales team might be able to provide you with assistance. Please get in touch!

Is onboarding and customer support available for us?

Yes! Our Standard Onboarding & Customer Support is available for all Jetti subscribers! Additionally, we offer Premium and Enterprise support options for clients with higher API/Development needs. Please contact our Sales team for more information.

My marketplace processes a large number of orders, but does not have a lot of SKUs connected to our marketplace. Are you able to make an exception for pricing on this?

We would recommend that you reach out to a member of our Sales team for potential arrangements.

My marketplace has a high number of SKUs. but do not process a lot of orders. Are you able to make an exception on pricing for us?

We might be able to look into custom pricing for you. Please reach out to our Sales team for potential arrangements.

There are some features on higher plans that I would like for my marketplace, but I cannot afford that plan. Can I add features to my plan a la carte?

Yes, this is possible. Please reach out to our sales team to make arrangements.