Connecting with the Jetti API

Connect to the Jetti API using your API credentials

To access the Jetti API, you'll need to generate your API token. This can be found under the Users section in the setup area. The base URL for accessing the api is

  1. Create a new API user, you'll need to enter the API of the developer. You may want to disable shipping and invoicing notifications.
  2. You'll need to click on the code icon, which will then show the API token. You'll need to set this in the Authentication header: Authentication: Bearer {{ token }}.

We are still in the process of building out our API documentation. Please get in touch with the support team to discuss any specific case you currently have. Our merchant and vendor dashboard both use our REST API and many of the functions will be made available for developer use.

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What is Jetti?

Inventory, order and purchase management software in the cloud. A single, efficient system for your inventory and order operations.