Exporting dropship orders via CSV

Automatically export your order details to vendors in any CSV format. These can either be sent via CSV or to a FTP server.

Order templates can be setup under the setup area. They allow you to export data within Jetti into a CSV file. This can be useful if vendors want to import the order details into an external fulfillment or accounting system for processing. To get started:

Step 1. Add a new vendor template. You should set the template type to CSV mapping and give the template a name.

Step 2. Next, you'll need to map the data within Jetti to your CSV file template. Often, your vendor will provide you with a format they would like you to use. Or, you might have a single format you provide to all your vendors.

For example, to add a column to the CSV file for the sale reference. You'll select the column type to data, then select Sale > Reference. The header field the column header you want to appear in the file.

If you want to add a text column for a piece of data not in Jetti, you can set the column type to placeholder.

Step 3. As you start adding columns, you can adjust the position as needed. This will change the order they appear in the file.

Step 4. Next, you need to apply the template to your dropship providers. This can be done under the Packing slip settings:

You can select a recent order to preview if you wanted to check the file looks correct. Once you have assigned the template to the dropship provider, it will then be included on each email sent to the vendor as an attachment. Or, will be uploaded to an FTP server if you have selected orders to be send by FTP.

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