Vendor integration - PrestaShop

If your vendor has a PrestaShop store, Jetti can automatically sync products.

1. Enabling the webservice feature

Go in the PrestaShop back office, open the "Webservice" page under the "Advanced Parameters" menu, and then choose "Yes" for the "Enable PrestaShop's webservice". Save your change.

2. Creating an access key

Open the "Webservice" page under the "Advanced Parameters" menu, and then click the "Add New" button to access the account configuration section. A long form appears. Click the "Generate" button to get an unique authentication key. For description enter "Jetti"

3. Permissions

This section is very important, as it enables you to assign rights the API integration has access to. The following permissions will be required:

  • addresses (add, view)
  • carts (add, view)
  • categories (view)
  • combinations (view)
  • countries (view)
  • customers (add, view)
  • images (view)
  • orders (add, view)
  • order_carriers (view)
  • order_states (view)
  • product_option_values (view)
  • product_options (view)
  • products (view)
  • specific_prices (view)
  • states (view)
  • stock_availables (view)

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