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Marketplaces are the business model of the future as they add significant value to the consumer, from discoverability to inspiration and a unified shopping experience

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Jumpstart a marketplace

Jetti offers a feature set that enables you to create a Marketplace from scratch easily


Full control over storefront

Build your Marketplace experience on top of Shopify or other e-commerce platforms and automatically connect it to Jetti, or build it from scratch and connect through our APIs


Easily onboard vendors

Nothing will feel as seamless as importing your vendors product catalogues from their e-commerce stores, but you can also have them upload products via CSV or even Google Sheets


Automated operations

Vendor notification for new orders, stock synchronization, customer shipment notifications, automated payouts, you'll be fully covered to run on autopilot

"The app dashboard has a clean yet sophisticated look and is amazing to use with many features that would be useful to any Shopify store. From feature like white labelling, Creating shipping labels for you or your vendors, automated order notifications and payment runs, the list of things you can do with this software is endless. Jetti is by far the most enhanced software offering what it does. I would definitely recommend, they are great!"



From zero to live in no time

Once you have your store design right and have vendors ready to go, connect Jetti and you will be able to launch the Marketplace in no time


No coding required

You don't need to code with Jetti, click your way to a fully functioning marketplace


Prepared for scale

Your keen to launch as soon as possible, but rest assured Jetti will serve you as you grow, as we already serve multi-million dollar online businesses

Our customers

Our customers range from start-ups, through to $50m+ Enterprises.

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