Find out how our customers use Jetti to help increase their sales and grow their retail businesses.

Dropship portal

Our unique vendor portal is a great way to ensure that you and your vendors get exactly what you need from your dropshipping business. With a vendor portal, you can empower your vendors to manage their own orders, confirm purchase orders, enter tracking information and even download their own custom packing slips.

Offer your vendors discounting shipping labels direct from the vendor portal. Your vendor portal also comes with a custom look, which you can adapt to reflect your own unique brand identity.

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Order routing

Order routing can be complicated, and it only gets trickier as your business grows. Jetti’s order routing software makes scaling your business easy. It’s all automated and managed for you. Jetti imports orders directly from your store.

From there, Jetti will automatically split orders into three main categories: in-house, dropship and 3PL. Then, the orders will be sent over to your own warehouse teams and those of your vendors. No matter how many different orders you have coming in at any one time, you’ll never find yourself overwhelmed by the process of order routing.

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Product publishing

Automatically publish products directly from your vendors store. When you use our automation services, you no longer have to worry about updating your inventory to match that of your vendors’, or editing product information and stock levels.

Invite vendors to connect their stores to Jetti, via our simple setup process. Once connected, you’ll be able to see all your vendors’ products at a glance. From there, you can publish vendors’ products directly to your store.

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Vendor integrations

Stop manually syncing. With Jetti’s vendor integrations, you can automate your inventory, pricing, orders and tracking information. Jetti enables you, as the business owner, to publish vendor’s products directly to your store.

From there, inventory and pricing can be synced automatically. Orders are then placed directly in the vendor’s stores. Vendor integrations will make your store faster and more accurate than ever before.

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Vendor shipping labels

Make dropshipping a breeze with shipping labels. Jetti provides discounted USPS labels to your vendors, and provides them directly to you for all items you may want to ship in-house. Alternatively, you can connect Jetti with your own shipping carrier.

We support hundreds of different shipping carriers. Having your shipping labels managed for you makes invoicing simple. Say goodbye to invoices from vendors every time an item is sent, and say goodbye to reams of pointless paperwork!

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Automated commission rates

Automate your commission rates. Not only are commission rates potentially complex to manage, they can also prove incredibly time consuming if dealt with manually. When you use Jetti, manually tracking pricing becomes a thing of the past.

You can automatically calculate commission rates for all items sold. You can even import cost prices in batches, directly from your vendors. Jetti enables you to configure different commission rates for each vendor. Not only that, you can even calculate more advanced costs, such as transaction fees and shipping costs.

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Automated vendor payments and payment reports

Be proactive when it comes to your vendor payments and payment reports. Automatically provide all your vendors with detailed payment reports, and avoid time spent fielding accounting queries or manually checking vendor payments.

Jetti works with Stripe and PayPal, enabling you to credit your vendors when purchases are made, without you needing to do anything at all. Jetti even enables you to automate your shop’s pricing. By integrating with vendors stores and automating individual vendors’ commission rates, you can use Jetti to keep on top of prices, no matter how many products you’ve got on sale.

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Branded packing slips

A strong brand image is essential if you are to compete online. If you want to ensure your brand looks the part, you’ll love our branded packing slips. Packing slips are often the customer’s first impression of your company, once they’ve received an order.

So, they need to look the part. Branding packing slips can serve as both an important tool in terms of communicating with customers, and also a great marketing device.

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Returns management

When customers find a store that offers good support, an easy returns process and clear communication, they’ll keep coming back. So, it’s time to put returns management at the top of your agenda. Jetti enables you to offer your customers a simple, speedy and reliable returns process.

Issue returns authorizations automatically, as soon as your customers request them. The whole process is managed for you, which is great news - particularly if you’ve got some returns headed to your inventory and others to vendors’ inventories. Jetti even provides returns shipping labels.

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Vendor onboarding

A great vendor onboarding process is imperative. Jetti enables you to work with as few or as many vendors as you’d like to.

Jetti enables businesses to manage their vendors with ease. Not only can you view vendors information at a glance, you can also look into the sales of each vendor, how profitable each vendor is, what they charge to fulfil orders and even how likely customers are to return items purchased from them.

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Vendor shipping rules

Finely tune your store’s shipping rates, and make the whole process a lot easier. Set different shipping rates for different vendors and automatically pay vendors for shipping. With Jetti, you can even combine your vendor’s shipping rates to charge your customers one consolidated sum for shipping when they reach the checkout.

Jetti integrates with different shipping carriers, enabling you to automatically generate rates, or set up your own shipping rates manually.

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